Sunday, March 20, 2011


John G Feller, young citizen and vet
Of 1812, then his homestead he’d fix
In Shenandoah, but John G’d not get,
A land grant like the vets of ’76.

Not social, yet a joiner was John G,
In iron works, scattered in the Valley round.
Formed wood molds for hot iron poured carefully.
Such toil for food and shelter, John G found.

G after John may not a lone G be.
Gefeller got quick shortened by the clerk.
No matter how recalled in history.
John recalled down his line for clever work.

Drawn South, German colonials from P A,
They’re found in Shenandoah to this day. 

Copyright 2011 Richard Baldwin Cook

JOHN G FELLER is a lineal ancestor of the poet. 

This sonnet appears in SPLENDID LIVES AND OTHERWISE: Sonnets of Remembrance (Nativa LLC) 2011, available at

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