Friday, May 4, 2012

The Restless Simulacra

The restless simulacra in my mind,
The piquant and horrific mix and meet.
Kaleidoscopic images unwind,
Make loves of losses, victories defeat.

With slight adjustments, just the merest twist,
My brain creates the past I would review.
The sum of spent events comes down to this:
What’s said and done I constantly renew.

Kaleidoscopic colors can enchant,
The reds, the greens, the yellows do enthrall.
More somber hues, though true, I can recant,
Since truth is true if willingly recalled.

The present from the past - a common view.
Our memories we invent - more likely true.


This poem was first published on-line in Syndic #6, where a reading by the writer may also be found:

Three by RBC

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